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Fish taco sauce is the creamy white sauce made with Mexican crema or sour cream, lime juice and chili sauce for a touch of heat. The purpose of the sauce is to give tacos another element of flavor. The sauce adds temperature variation as well. A warm taco with a cool sauce is so satisfying and melds all the elements of the taco which includes the lightly battered fish, tortilla, and cabbage. The sauce offers this cool, refreshing taste that people can’t get enough of. The tacos themselves go way back to indigenous North America, more specifically Mexico but the well-known surfer food grew in popularity during the 1970s. Although not the origin, Baja, California is the place noted for the sauce’s recognition. Many say fish taco mogul Ralph Rubio, who was studying business at San Diego State at the time, contacted a taco vendor in Mexico named Carlos and suggested that he open his own stand. Carlos wasn’t fond of the idea so Rubio got the recipe, opened up his own restaurant in the 80s and the tacos took off. Now the tacos and sauce are known by all.

Place of Origin: Recipe difficulty:
Mexico? Easy
Preparation Time: Cook Time:
2 minutes 0 minutes
Yields: 1 cup of sauce, good for 8-10 servings

!!!! Ingredients

  • ½ cup sour cream, full or reduced fat
  • ½ cup mayonnaise or Mexican crema
  • ½ teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1/8 teaspoon onion powder
  • Juice of 1 lime or lemon
  • Sriracha or other favorite chili sauce, to taste

How to Make !!!!?

!!!! Sauce – Step by Step Instructions:

1. Transfer the sour cream to a bowl with the mayonnaise or Mexican crema.
2. Add the garlic powder and onion powder.
3. Stir well to prevent any grittiness.
4. Pour in the lime juice as you stir.
5. Add sriracha sauce or other selected chili sauce to taste.
6. Serve immediately or chill before serving. The sauce tastes best chilled.

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Ideas to Use – !!!

Fish taco sauce and fish tacos are a match made in Baja. The creamy, coolness of the sauce on warm tacos topped with cabbage create an outstanding bite. Even if tacos aren’t on the menu the sauce can be served over baked, pan seared, fried or grilled fish along with meat and poultry. You can dip almost anything in it as well. If a dish can use a creamy touch, the sauce will work.


!!! is fit for:

Lacto-vegetarian, low-carb and gluten-free diets (just ensure the items used read “gluten-free” on the label).

Sour cream, mayo/crema, and a few other ingredients mixed together and served over tacos do not get much better. No matter what direction you want to take the sauce, remember that the base stays the same. All you have to do to change the flavor is add to it. Cumin and paprika add smokiness, herbs like chopped cilantro or dill add freshness and canned chipotle peppers can really change things up. Have fun with the recipe and do what you want. You may come up with an incredible sauce all your own.

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